Savanna Butterworth

Director of Locational Analytics
Savanna Butterworth
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Savanna Butterworth, originally from Australia, assumed the role of Director of Locational Analytics at WRG in 2023. In this capacity, she concentrates on developing thematic maps, dashboards, and data narratives, while delivering market research and insights to brokers. Before joining WRG, Savanna spent five years at Compass Real Estate, where she managed the search functionality of the website and collaborated closely with brokers to identify  and resolve location data-related issues. This heightened her appreciation for the significance of enhancing properties with location information, propelling her to continue her career in this field.

Savanna describes herself as an adaptable individual who thrives on collaboration and enjoys exploring new technologies. These traits have enabled her to take on various roles and acquire additional skills throughout her career. She revels in generating extensive data to craft compelling stories for clients, leveraging locational analytics. Beyond her professional pursuits, she enjoys exploring the vibrant offerings of New York City, from trying out new restaurants to engaging in cultural activities.

Savanna holds a Bachelor`s degree in Geology from the University of Western Australia.